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File extension Details of RTFD, GCF, ROFF, GPH, GRK, GSM, GSP, QRF, QPW

File Type:Rich text with graphic document
Category:Document file
File Description:Rich text format with attachments (text with some very common formatting preserved - stored in a plain ASCII text file with additional formatting commands somewhat like HTML files). RTF lets you exchange text files between different word processors or different operating systems. This is essentially RTF with graphics included,such as pictures.
Open Programs:

Bean Word Processor

Company / developer:
  Apple Inc.


A small, easy-to-use word processor (or more precisely, a rich text editor), designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable. Bean is Open Source, fully Cocoa, and is available free of charge! Features: live word count, inspector panel, full screen mode, find and replace with regular expressions.

File Type:Greeting Card Creator project
Category:Document file
File Description:The GCF format is a project file, which can only be viewed and accessed through Greeting Card Creator. If you save in the *.GCF format, you can open the project in the future to edit it.
Open Programs:

Greeting Card Creator

Company / developer:
  ArcSoft, Inc.

File Type:Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
Category:Document file
File Description:Used on Unix operating systems.

Mime: application/x-troff
Open Programs:


Company / developer:
  The Open Group


Unix operating systems are widely used in both servers and workstations. The Unix environment and the client-server program model were essential elements in the development of the Internet and the reshaping of computing as centered in networks rather than in individual computers.

Both Unix and the C programming language were developed by AT&T and distributed to government and academic institutions, causing both to be ported to a wider variety of machine families than any other operating system. As a result, Unix became synonymous with "open systems".

Unix was designed to be portable, multi-tasking and multi-user in a time-sharing configuration. Unix systems are characterized by various concepts: the use of plain text for storing data; a hierarchical file system; treating devices and certain types of inter-process communication (IPC) as files; and the use of a large number of software tools, small programs that can be strung together through a command line interpreter using pipes, as opposed to using a single monolithic program that includes all of the same functionality. These concepts are known as the Unix philosophy.

Under Unix, the "operating system" consists of many of these utilities along with the master control program, the kernel. The kernel provides services to start and stop programs, handle the file system and other common "low level" tasks that most programs share, and, perhaps most importantly, schedules access to hardware to avoid conflicts if two programs try to access the same resource or device simultaneously. To mediate such access, the kernel was given special rights on the system, leading to the division between user-space and kernel-space.

The microkernel concept was introduced in an effort to reverse the trend towards larger kernels and return to a system in which most tasks were completed by smaller utilities. In an era when a "normal" computer consisted of a hard disk for storage and a data terminal for input and output (I/O), the Unix file model worked quite well as most I/O was "linear". However, modern systems include networking and other new devices. As graphical user interfaces developed, the file model proved inadequate to the task of handling asynchronous events such as those generated by a mouse, and in the 1980s non-blocking I/O and the set of inter-process communication mechanisms was augmented (sockets, shared memory, message queues, semaphores), and functionalities such as network protocols were moved out of the kernel.

File Type:Lotus 1-2-3 graph file
Category:Document file
File Description:File extension is used by Lotus 1-2-3. Graph file.
Open Programs:

Lotus 1-2-3

Company / developer:
  IBM Corporation

Lotus 1-2-3 Productivity Features
  • Speech-enabled SmartMaster templates: Voice-activated 1-2-3 SmartMaster templates let users move quickly through common tasks such expense reporting or loan amortization. (Note: IBM ViaVoice is not included.)
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel: Enhanced filters provide better-than-ever read and write compatibility with Microsoft Excel files up to and including Excel 2000. Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8 reads and writes Excel text, numbers, formulas, formatting, drawings and charts. The Excel Menu finder also trains new 1-2-3 users to navigate 1-2-3.
  • @Functions provide analytical power and improved Microsoft Excel compatibility.
  • Copy and move worksheets: Lotus 1-2-3 allows users to move and copy entire worksheets. Users can drag the sheet to the desired destination or use the menu.
  • SmartLabels: In 1-2-3 Release 9.8, SmartLabels let users summarize a range by typing “Total.” Now, 1-2-3 also recognizes more than a dozen predefined terms such as “Subtotal,” “Maximum” and “Average,” making formula building faster and easier. Users can also add terms, assign synonyms and customize the list of SmartLabels.
  • Automatic SmartFill: Filling a range with a sequence of text, dates or times is quicker and easier than ever with SmartFill. 1-23 Release 9.8 anticipates what users would like to type and enters suggested text. If “April” is entered in a cell and “M” is typed in the next cell, 1-2-3 automatically adds “ay” and waits for the user to accept it or type different text.
  • More rows: 1-2-3 Release 9.8 worksheets have 65,536 rows.
  • Ask the Expert provides detailed answers to users' questions, even if they are entered in the user's own words.
  • Excel Menu Finder makes it easy for Excel users to work in Lotus 1-2-3. Users simply choose an Excel command to display the name of the equivalent 1-2-3 command.
  • Technology: With 1-2-3 Release 9.8, workbooks can be launched and edited in Active Document containers such as Internet Explorer or Lotus Notes 4.6. In addition, users can embed and automate Active-X controls directly into 1-2-3.
  • Euro currency support: 1-2-3 Release 9.8 supports the Euro currency. SmartSuite continues to support the ECU as well as the Euro. The currency is supported in cells and charts.
  • Copy/Paste: 1-2-3 Release 9.8 can copy row heights and column widths to locations in the spreadsheet, saving setup time.
  • Data validation add-in: Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8 allows users to set criteria to restrict the type of data they can enter in a cell or range of cells. With the Data Validation Add-in, users restrict cell entries by making sure that the type of data entered meets a particular condition.
  • Auto Save: Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8 helps minimize data loss if a computer loses power. Users can have 1-2-3 automatically save changes to open files at regular intervals.
  • Keyboard switching: Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8 allows users to switch to different keyboard layouts while editing a file. This feature is handy for international users.
Internet Integration
  • Web tables: 1-2-3 Release 9.8’s Web tables enable users to send and pull useful data from any table on any HTML page of the Internet or corporate intranet and deliver it directly into a workbook. Stock quotes, for example, can be extracted live from a Web page and pulled into an investment portfolio spreadsheet. The Web table can be refreshed manually or automatically.
  • Hyperlinking: Hyperlinks can be assigned to any spreadsheet, cell picture or button. They also can be created for Internet locations, spreadsheet ranges or objects and other files.
  • HTML features: 1-2-3 Release 9.8 includes HTML 3.2 support for opening and converting spreadsheet ranges to HTML documents. Spreadsheet-specific extensions allow 1-2-3 users to share files using HTML as a common file format while preserving important spreadsheet information such as cell colors, formats, actual numbers (e.g., p = 3.14159265, not 3.14), named ranges and number formatting. Lotus 1-2-3 also offers native HTML support with XML support.
  • Publishing Assistant: 1-2-3 Release 9.8 helps users select an entire workbook, a particular page or a selected range for Web output. The Publishing Assistant also provides options for adding a link to the original file for other users to download.
  • HTML on Clipboard: This feature selects data from browsers or Notes Release 5 and pastes it into 1-2-3 as a parsed HTML table.
File Type:Gradekeeper document
Category:Document file
File Description:File extension .grk is used by Gradekeeper for its documents.
Open Programs:


Company / developer:
  Daniel Ethier

Gradekeeper -
makes dealing with grades easy!

You enter scores and attendance and Gradekeeper does the rest:

  • computes grades,
  • prints reports,
  • does seating charts,
  • sends email progress reports,
  • posts grades online.

The gradebook shows students, assignments, scores, and current grades for the current term. You can choose whether to list student names, IDs, or both.
You can change or add students, assignments, and scores by clicking and typing. Gradekeeper recomputes your grades automatically.
With the companion applications for your Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld, you can record grades and attendance during class and synchronize with your desktop computer later.

File Type:MapViewer document file
Category:Document file
File Description:File extension is used by MapViewer. Document file.
Open Programs:


Company / developer:
  Golden Software, Inc.


MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to produce publication-quality thematic maps easily. Small businesses, large corporations, independent consultants, scientists, GIS analysts, and numerous government agencies are discovering important trends in their data with MapViewer. Display your data distribution easily and precisely with more easy-to-use features than ever. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job!

File Type:IMail Server returned mail
Category:Document file
File Description:File extension is used by IMail Server.
Open Programs:

Imail Server

Company / developer:

IMail Server is a proven messaging solution for small to mid-sized businesses, which is reliable, scalable and versatile.


Protection against the hazards of spam

IMail Server administrator controlled spam protection features:
  • Statistical Filter
  • Phrase Filter
  • HTML Features filter
  • URL Domain Black Lists
  • Broken MIME Headers
  • SPF
  • Connection Checks


IMail’s Log Analyzer offers a window into server activity.
  • Access logs for critical information into usage trends
  • Determine which domains are generating the majority of the network traffic
  • Use Log Analyzer to parse your IMail Server logs


Ipswitch IMail Server has an extensive set of security enhancements that will give you confidence and keep you focused by preventing your server from being compromised.
  • SSL/TLS support for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4
  • Various SMTP Relay lockdown options
  • Dictionary Attack Prevention
  • DOS Attack Prevention
  • Auto Deny Hack Attempts
  • Attachment Blocking


All IMail administrators have remote web access to view and manage their users and system settings, making it easy to manage from the office or on the road.
  • Remote access web administration
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Single & Group Alias Support
  • List Support with configurable options
  • Create unlimited domains
  • Control Message Size on Mailboxes and Domains
  • Support for Inbound by Domains and Users
  • Outbound Rules Support
  • Active Directory Support
  • Easy List Management
  • Configurable location of logs
  • White Lists
  • Attachment Blocking
  • Copy All Mail
  • External Database support (MS SQL, Access)
  • Use of virtual domains when limited IP addresses are available

Web Messaging

All IMail users have remote access to view and manage their email communication, in the office, at home or on the road through web messaging
  • Web Messaging Lite - low-bandwidth web client for quicker access for users on slow connections, like dial up.
  • Written in .NET 2.0
  • HTML/Plain Text Message Support
  • Supports all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari
  • Web Calendar
  • Custom Branding
  • SSL Support
  • Synch contacts with Outlook (IMail Premium)
  • Language Support for 8 Languages (French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Japanese templates
  • Customizable Languages
  • Spell Checker
  • Rich set of editing tools that includes paragraph alignment, font types, font size, special characters
  • Vacation Message
  • Auto Responders
  • Signature Support
  • Inbound Rule Support
File Type:QR Form file
Category:Document file
File Description:The file is a zlib compressed XML file used to define the GUI and reply controls on a form. The reader application is a ordinary win32 executable. The purpose of QR is to make it easy for people with lightweight hosting plans to use forms. In addition it is used to request complicated information like time sheets and insurance information. The reader submit a filled form as a file, attached to a mail or via FTP upload.
Open Programs:

QR Form

Company / developer:
  PJ Applications

QR form is the reader used to fill out and submit electronic forms.

File Type:Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet file
Category:Document file
File Description:QPW is output format from Quattro Pro a spreadsheet program sold by Corel, most often as part of Corel's WordPerfect Office.
Open Programs:

Corel® WordPerfect® Office

Company / developer:
  Corel Corporation

Corel® WordPerfect® Office

With word processing, spreadsheets and presentations software plus email - Corel® WordPerfect® Office X3 is ideal for large organizations, government departments and business and home users looking for a full-featured office suite. Trusted by millions, priced significantly less than Microsoft® Office, it makes Perfect sense.


  • WordPerfect® Legendary word processing - Open, edit and create Microsoft® Word files
  • Quattro Pro® Versatile spreadsheets - Open, edit and create Microsoft® Excel files
  • Presentations™ Stunning multimedia slide shows - Open, edit and create Microsoft® ® PowerPoint files
  • WordPerfect® MAIL* Powerful email with lightning-fast searches - Import your Microsoft Outlook emails, meetings and contacts

Full featured

Use built-in PDF tools that others pay hundreds of dollars for, to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in PDF format. Edit and reuse the content of previously created or saved PDFs in WordPerfect X3. Use the new Metadata Removal feature to ensure that hidden confidential information is taken out of your documents, so you share only what you want to.


Get a complete, proven office suite for up to 60% less than the cost of Microsoft Office!**

Easy to use

Get up and running right away with a free two-hour training video on CD and take advantage of the PerfectExpert™ to get tips and tricks as you work. Customize your applications to resemble Microsoft Office in a few clicks.


Share files with Microsoft Office users—open, edit and create files in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint . Turn documents, spreadsheets and presentations into PDFs, or 150+ other file formats.

File Type:HotDocs Form template
Category:Document file
File Description:Template file is used by HotDocs.
Open Programs:


Company / developer:
  Matthew Bender & Company, Inc.


Using HotDocs, you can transform any word processor file into an interactive template. Simply replace the changable text with HotDocs variables and identify text that may be included in or excluded from the final document. Then, the next time you want to generate a completed document, just assemble the interactive template you've created. As you do this, you will be prompted to answer questions, and the appropriate information will be merged into the document.

When using HotDocs, you can perfect a template, minimizing the "human error" factor that repetitive typing introduces. Additionally, you can automate your templates so that verb tenses, gender references, dates, numbers, calculations, and more are updated automatically as users enter information. Custom interview questions and help resources guide you or your users through the interview.

Virtually any document in your workflow can be converted to a HotDocs template, including lengthy and complex documents. HotDocs templates then become your gold standard—experienced colleagues can share their knowledge, and new colleagues come up to speed faster. Using HotDocs, you can compile an invaluable repository of special language, unique clauses or terms, correspondence, and more.

HotDocs can be integrated with databases, practice management systems, case management systems, and other vital components of your organization's technology infrastructure.

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