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File extension Details of BDIC, BTF, BRD, BTM, BCM, BIN, BTIF, BLB, BCI

File Type:Chrome Dictionary File
File Description:Dictionary for Google Chrome, a Web browser developed by Google; used by Chrome's spell-checker for identifying misspelled words; the English dictionary file is named "en-us.bdic."

In Windows XP, the Chrome dictionary is located in C:\Documents and Settings->[username]->Local Settings->Application Data->Google->Chrome->Application-> Dictionaries.

In Windows Vista, the Chrome dictionary is located in C:\Users->[username]->AppData->Local->Google->Chrome->Application->Dictionaries.
Open Programs: Windows Google Chrome
File Type:NationsBank Check Images
File Description:Contains check images and ASCII text; image data may be compressed using G4, JPEG, ABIC, or IOCA/ABIC compression; the text describes the issue date, paid date, amount, etc. for each check in the file.

NationsBank became Bank of America in 1998.
Open Programs: Windows Web browser with NationsBank Check Viewing plugin
File Type:EAGLE Circuit Board File
File Description:Circuit board layout created with EAGLE, a schematic capture and PCB (printed circuit board) design program; designed with the EAGLE Layout Editor and used for developing circuitry design templates; can be converted to the Gerber drill data format, which can be read by CAM (computer aided manufacturing) programs.

EAGLE stands for "Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor."
Open Programs: Mac OS CadSoft EAGLE (via X11)
Windows CadSoft EAGLE
Linux CadSoft EAGLE (via X11)
File Type:BizTalk Map File
File Description:Data mapping file used by BizTalk Server, an application designed to integrate systems and automate processes across global supply chains; contains relationships between different schemas, or databases of information.

BTM files can be edited using the BizTalk Mapper program within Microsoft Visual Studio.
Open Programs: Windows Used by Microsoft BizTalk Server
Edit with Microsoft BizTalk Mapper
File Type:Business Contact Manager File
File Description:Stores data from Business Contact Manager for Outlook; includes accounts, business contacts, projects, and business opportunities; also stores the communication history from previous versions of Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

BCM files may also include Business Contact Manager E-mail Marketing Service contacts from Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Sales Leads data from previous versions of Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

Microsoft Office Outlook can import BCM files using the Business Data Import and Export wizard; you can choose to import all records or select individual records you want to import.
Open Programs: Windows Microsoft Outlook
File Type:Generic Binary File
File Description:File that stores data in a binary format; different than a text-based file, which can be edited in a text editor; may be created by a variety of different programs; typically cannot be manually edited.

Disk images are typically binary files, though they often use other file extensions; BIN files may also be used for firmware updaters.
Open Programs: Mac OS Open with program that created the file Windows Open with program that created the file
File Type:NationsBank Check Image File
File Description:Check image format used by NationsBank that contains compressed image data and ASCII text; includes information that describes the check issue date, paid date, and amount of each check in the file.

BTIF files also use the .BTF extension.
Open Programs: Windows Web browser with NationsBank Check Viewing plugin
File Type:Blob Data File
File Description:Collection of data stored in a binary format known as a "Binary Large Object" or "BLOB;" used by various database programs to store large amounts of data; often used as a data type for database fields that contain images or other multimedia data.

Blob files are also used to transfer large amounts of data from one database to another; this process is sometimes referred to as "blobbing" the data to another database.
Open Programs: Mac OS Various database programs Windows Various database programs
File Type:Belarc Advisor Report File
File Description:Report generated by Belarc Advisor, a PC auditing program; includes a detailed profile of system hardware, installed software, anti-virus information, missing Microsoft hotfixes, and CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks.

Reports generated with Belarc Advisor can be displayed in a Web browser.
Open Programs: Windows Belarc Advisor
Viewable in a Web browser
File Type:BookBuddi eBook File
File Description:Electronic book format that can be read back using Microsoft Text to Speech Agent; may include multiple pages and may contain images as well as text; when text is being read the current section is highlighted and each page is turned automatically.
Open Programs: Windows BookBuddi

Download Now: Windows Error Repair Tool

**SmartPCFixer will repair Windows Error and registry data errors on your PC