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File extension Details of TOL, TFA, TST, TCX, TAX2008, TPS, TSV, WAB, TXD

File Type:AOL Tool File
File Description:Data file referenced by America Online (AOL); similar to a .DLL file used by other applications; saved in the \Program Files\AOL directory by default.

TOL files are used by AOL software and should not be opened manually.
Open Programs: Mac OS America Online Windows America Online
File Type:TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File
File Description:Data file saved by treeSoft CashFlow Analysis, a property cash flow projection and valuations program; offers complete financial analysis with detailed input options; can also create quality reports that can be used for presentations.

Part of treeSoft's Real Estate Analysis Desktop Software line.
Open Programs: Windows treeSoft CashFlow Analysis (tree.fa.exe)
File Type:TestPoint Test File
File Description:Pre-configured test file used by TestPoint, a program for designing testing and measurement applications; can be used to test speed, pressure, electrical current, voltage, and other scientific measurements.
Open Programs: Windows Measurement Computing TestPoint
File Type:Training Center Database File
File Description:XML file used to transport fitness data between Garmin products; supported by various Garmin GPS devices; may include data such as type of sport, lap time, distance, calories, intensity, and other information.

TCX files can be opened with Garmin Training Center software; they are also supported by and the Garmin Communicator Plugin.

The TCX format is available in both TCX v1 and TCX v2 schemas.
Open Programs: Mac OS Garmin Training Center Windows Garmin Training Center
File Type:TurboTax 2008 Tax Return
File Description:Tax return created with TurboTax 2008, a program for preparing Federal and State taxes for the 2008 tax year; includes user data entered through the "Easy-Step" interface as well as official tax forms, which are automatically filled in by the program.

TurboTax is available in Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, and Business editions.
Open Programs: Mac OS Intuit TurboTax 2008 Windows Intuit TurboTax 2008
File Type:Multi Channel Measurement File
File Description:Format used to store data recorded with TiePie Multi Channel software; saves data logged by the program as well as instrument settings for the measurement tools; each measurement is stored in a separate file.

More information about Multi Channel measurement software can be found at the TiePie website.
Open Programs: Windows TiePie Multi Channel measurement software
File Type:Tab Separated Values File
File Description:Stores a data table in which columns of data are separated by tabs; TSV files can be imported into most spreadsheet programs, which format the data into cells; they can also be exported by spreadsheet programs, which allows the data to be viewed with a basic text editor or word processing program.

Another popular format for exporting spreadsheet data is .CSV, which uses commas to separate columns instead of tabs.
Open Programs: Mac OS Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program
Viewable in a text editor Windows Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program
Viewable in a text editor
File Type:Windows Address Book
File Description:Address book file that contains contact information, such as names and e-mail addresses; used by Microsoft Outlook Express, a popular free email program; similar to the .PAB file used by the full version of Microsoft Outlook.

WAB files can be copied and used to backup and restore Outlook Express contact data; they can also be used to import contacts into Outlook.
Open Programs: Windows Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Internet Mail and News
File Type:Game Texture Dictionary
File Description:Archive of textures, or small bitmap image files; can be referenced by games or other programs that support the Renderware 3D engine; may be texture-mapped onto 3D objects to change their appearance.

TXD files are referenced by games such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA), and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland; they are used by games on both PCs and PlayStation consoles.

Textures within TXD files can be used to modify the look of objects within a video game; examples include a car's paint job, t-shirt styles, or billboard advertisements; they can be viewed using various utilities for Windows or TXD Viewer for PS2.
Open Programs: Windows VC TXD Viewer
TXD Builder
Vice TXD
File Type:WinTrack Object File
File Description:Extra object that can be added to a railroad design created with WinTrack; may be a building, automobile, tree, or other 3D object; saved in a non-binary, text-based format that can be viewed with a text editor.
Open Programs: Windows WinTrack

Download Now: Windows Error Repair Tool

**SmartPCFixer will repair Windows Error and registry data errors on your PC