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File extension Details of PDS, PSM, PPF, PST, PDM, PPSX, PDAS, PSF, PPS

File Type:Planetary Data System File
File Description:Scientific data format created by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration); used to store planetary, solar, and lunar data collected from earth and space missions.

PDS files often contain labels that are written in the Object Description Language (ODL); these labels use keywords that describe the data contained in the file.
Open Programs: Mac OS NASA PDS Tools Package Windows NASA PDS Tools Package
File Type:Prism Document
File Description:Prism file format used to store data-driven dynamic documents; can be analyzed from multiple angles and visualized using visualization Widgets; supports multiple database servers and file formats as data sources.

More information about Prism is available at
Open Programs: Windows SiSense Prism
File Type:Publisher Project File
File Description:Project created with PUBLISHER, an advanced translation memory solution for translating documentation; stores translated documents in a bilingual format using an object-oriented database; the optimized PPF database may include both text and binary objects.
Open Programs: Windows Alchemy PUBLISHER
File Type:Personal Information Store File
File Description:Contains personal information used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange; includes e-mail folders, contacts, addresses, and other data; has a 2 GB limit and will cause Outlook to slow down when the file is close to the limit.

Microsoft provides a program called the Exchange 2000 Tool: PST2GB that will reduce the file size of a PST file; however, the utility may truncate the file meaning some data will be lost, so you should make sure to back up the PST file first.

Unlike the full version of Outlook, Outlook Express does not use PST files; however, Outlook Express can import PST data using the program's Import feature.
Open Programs: Mac OS Microsoft Entourage
Windows Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Outlook Express (import)
File Type:PowerDesigner Database File
File Description:Database created with Sybase PowerDesigner, an enterprise modeling and design program; stores database information as well as references to other files, such as the database definition (.XDB) file and model definition (.XEM) files.

PDM files can also be opened with Quest Software's QDesigner, which was discontinued in 2006.
Open Programs: Windows Sybase PowerDesigner
Quest Software QDesigner
File Type:PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
File Description:Non-editable PowerPoint slide show format used for playing back presentations and slide shows created in PowerPoint 2007; similar to the .PPTX format, but is only used for slide show playback and cannot be altered; uses the Open XML format introduced in Office 2007.
Open Programs: Mac OS Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter
Windows Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint Viewer
Previous versions of PowerPoint with Open XML support
File Type:PDAStore Data Store File
File Description:Data storage format used by PDAStore, a program for saving and categorizing information on a PDA; data saved in a PDAStore file can be browsed and searched with the PDAStore program.

Text files can be converted to PDAS files using PDAStore Command.
Open Programs: Windows hfrmobile PDAStore Command (PDASCMD)
Pocket PC hfrmobile PDAStore
File Type:SPI Proxy Output File
File Description:Output file generated by SPI Proxy, a proxy server tool included with SPI Dynamics SPI ToolKit; records and logs details of traffic passing through the proxy server; saved in a proprietary format readable only by SPI software.

SPI Dynamics was acquired by HP on August 1, 2007.
Open Programs: Windows SPI Dynamics WebInspect Toolkit
File Type:PowerPoint Slide Show
File Description:Slide show created with Microsoft PowerPoint, a common program for creating presentations; saved as a completed slide show, which can be viewed by either PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer; not editable like a .PPT file.
Open Programs: Mac OS Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer Windows Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
File Type:Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Document
File Description:Presentation format introduced with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (part of Office 12); stores slides used for slide shows or presentations; may include text, images, and other media; based on the Open XML format and uses ZIP compression for smaller file sizes.

PPTX files can also be opened with PowerPoint 2008 for Mac OS X; they are backwards compatible with earlier versions of Office for Mac and Windows via component support.
Open Programs: Mac OS Microsoft PowerPoint 2008
Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 with component support
Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter
Windows Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 with component support

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**SmartPCFixer will repair Windows Error and registry data errors on your PC