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File extension Details of STA, STL, STM, SBF, STC, S85, SDF, SDF, SGML

File Type:ABAQUS Status File
File Description:Stores the status of increment summaries written by ABAQUS using the analysis option; ABAQUS is data analysis program used for finite element analysis (FEA); examples of uses for ABAQUS include static and dynamic stress calculation, heat transfer and thermal stress, mass diffusion, and fracture mechanics analysis.

ABAQUS is available in the following versions:

  1. ABAQUS/Standard - for traditional implicit finite element analyses
  2. ABAQUS/Explicit - for transient dynamics and quasi-static analyses
  3. ABAQUS/CAE - for modeling and visualizing environments
Open Programs: Windows ABAQUS software suite
View with a text editor Linux ABAQUS software suite
View with a text editor
File Type:Fireworks Style Library
File Description:Library of styles referenced by Macromedia (now Adobe) Fireworks; may be used to apply Stroke, Fill, Effect, and Text attributes to an object within an open Fireworks project; can be helpful for creating a uniform look across multiple objects.

Some styles are included with Fireworks, though additional styles may be added to the program; to add extra styles, click the small icon in the top right corner of the Styles panel in Fireworks and select "Import Styles;" then browse to an STL file and click OK to add the style library to your current collection.
Open Programs: Mac OS Adobe Fireworks Windows Adobe Fireworks
File Type:Exchange Streaming Media File
File Description:Data file saved by Microsoft Exchange Server in conjunction with .EDB files; used by the Exchange information store, which is comprised of:

  1. Priv1.edb
  2. Priv1.stm
  3. Pub1.edb
  4. Pub1.stm

STM files store streamed native Internet content; new messages are saved to the STM file on the mail server until they are accessed by a user's mail client; when messages are accessed by a MAPI client, they are transferred to the EDB file and converted to the native Exchange format.
Open Programs: Windows Microsoft Exchange Server
File Type:SmartBroker Data
File Description:Data file format used by SmartBroker stock tracking software; may contain stock lists, trend data, news headlines, tracking reports, or other data
Open Programs: Windows SmartBroker Pro
File Type:StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet Template
File Description:Template for creating a new OpenOffice spreadsheet file; often used for creating many similar spreadsheets; created by the Calc program included with the StarOffice and office suites.
Open Programs: Mac OS Calc
Windows Sun Microsystems StarOffice Calc Calc
File Type:Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
File Description:Chart or graph created with Sabre Airline Solutions software; may be generated by StaffPlan, a staffing forecasting and planning system, or StaffAdmin, an employee administration, tracking and assignment system; used by airport-based governmental agencies to manage employee staffing and scheduling.

Both StaffPlan and StaffAdmin are included in the Sabre Streamline Resource Management Suite.
Open Programs: Windows Sabre Streamline Resource Management Suite
File Type:Standard Data File   (Most common)
File Description:Standard database format used for storing data in a structured format; uses fields of fixed lengths to store values; can be imported and exported by various database and data analysis programs; commonly used for transferring data between different programs.
Open Programs: Windows Pervasive PSQL
dataBased Intelligence dBASE
Rosenvick AspireGold
File Type:SQL Server Compact Database File
File Description:Compact relational database developed by Microsoft, also known the SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) format; designed for applications that run on mobile devices and desktops; contains the complete database contents and can be up to 4GB in size.

NOTE: Previous versions of SQL Server Compact were distributed as SQL Server for Windows CE and SQL Server Mobile Edition.
Open Programs: Windows Microsoft SQL Server Compact
Flyhoward SDF Viewer
File Type:Standard Generalized Markup Language File
File Description:Document written in Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML); includes tags that describe the information's structure and content; may contain multiple types of information, such as text, graphics, database information, and even audio and video data.

SGML files are similar to .XML files in that they reference Document Type Definition (.DTD) files, which describe the tags used within the document.
Open Programs: Windows Panorama SGML viewer
Adobe FrameMaker
Corel WordPerfect
File Type:SQ Data File
File Description:Data format used by the Sysquake simulation program; contains a succession of LME statements that define variables and and Input/Output Handlers.

Used by .SQ files that are run within Sysquake.
Open Programs: Mac OS Calerga Sysquake for Mac OS X
Windows Calerga Sysquake for Windows
Linux Calerga Sysquake for Linux

Download Now: Windows Error Repair Tool

**SmartPCFixer will repair Windows Error and registry data errors on your PC