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 Network Optimize

Network Optimize: This utility can help optimize the selected network connection.


SmartPCFixer provides the user with the following network connection types:


Dial-Up Connection (Up to 56kbps)

ISDN (64kps)

ISDN, 2 Channels (128 kbps)

DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite (up to 512 kbps)

DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite (512 kbps up to 1mbps)

DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite (up to 2mbps)

DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite (up to 6mbps)

DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite (up to 16mbps)

DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite (16 mbps or higher)

Fixed Connection (10 Mbit or higher)

Local Network (10 mbps or higher)

Wireless Network (10mbps or higher)


Optimize Network as below:

  1. Click the System Optimize button on the left side, and then click the Network button.
  2. Select your applied network connection type first, and then click Optimize button.