Solution to “windows live mail not displaying contacts list”


In windows live mail, when you click “contacts”, it is supposed to show a list of the contacts. But you may just get a blank pane on the left hand side of the screen. This problem simply occurs when you open windows live mail one day. It may never happened before. The cause is still not clear yet.


To solve this issue, there are several suggestions:


First: Sign out of windows live mail and sign in again.

This works for some users in solving no contacts list problem. It is assumed that the issue is caused by a temperary display problem. By signing out of the account and signing in again, the mail system will reload all the data including the contacts list. The issue is then resolved.


Second: Decline the invitation in webmail

If the issue persists even in your webmail, it may be possible that a Pending Group Invitation is causing this issue. To resolve it, you have to decline to the invitation. The instructions are stated below:

  • 1. Click Contacts.
  • 2. Click View
  • 3. Click on Groups
  • 4. Click Nothanks.


Third: Check your auto-complete suggestions settings.

  • 1.  Go to Options, then More Options.
  • 2.  Under Customizing Hotmail, click Advanced privacy settings.
  • 3.  Under Auto-complete suggestions select Only suggest people in my contact list.
  • 4.  Click Save


Fourth: Optimize your system.

.Virus and malware can corrupt the registry and cause numerous problems in your computer, including the windows live mail error. System optimizer can detect and clean these registry issues for you. Any delay will lead to unimaginable more serious issues. Remember, 90% of the computer problems are caused by registry issues. So it is always recommended that you install a system optimizer to consistantly protect your system.

Fixing Error 1316 When You Upgraded Office 2000


If you attempted to upgrade your office suite to office 2000 SR-1 full product while you already have office installed, you may get below error:


Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file F:\data1.msi


You may receive this error message if the following issues are true:

  • The office suite you originally installed has contained Data1.msi on the root of the CD. This is the default file name used for the Office CD1 Windows Installer package.
  • You try to run the Office SR-1 Setup by using a Select CD.



Actually the installation of office 2000 SR-1 does not need data1.msi.  There are a series of .msi and Setup files on the root, each one named according to the edition of Office to be installed. For example, if you want to install the Premium edition from the Select CD, you run Setupprm.exe, which uses Data1prm.msi.


If you are using the Select SR-1 CD to update your existing installation of Office, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type Regedit and click OK.
  3. On the Edit menu, click Find.
  4. In the Find what box, type Data1.msi and then click Find Next.
  5. If the search result selects a string value called PackageName, continue with these steps. Otherwise, repeat steps 3-4.
  6. Double-click the PackageName string value.
  7. In the Value data box, type the name of the .msi package that you are using on the Office 2000 SR-1 Select CD, and then click OK. For example, if you are trying to install the Premium edition, typeData1prm.msi.
  8. The PackageName string value is part of the SourceList key. Select the Media key that is a subkey of the SourceList key.
  9. Double-click the 1 string value.
  10. In the Value data box, type Selo9cd01;1 and then click OK.
  11. On the Registry menu, click Exit.
  12. Run the appropriate Setup again from the Office 2000 SR-1 Select CD.


 It is also recommended that you install a registry fixer to clean the errors that caused the fail installation of office. If your office cannot open and give messsage of lacking any dll or file, it is possibly that the registry is corrupted.  If these errors are not fixed in time, there will be more serious problems come up in your computer.







Fix Winword.exe error In a Minute

Winword.exe is the main file for Microsoft Word programmes. It is an important component of Microsoft office.  With this file, you can open MS word process and do word editing. But sometimes you may get this error:


WINWORD.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.


This error indicates that the programme is terminated by some conflicted files. You will have to clear these files to smooth the running. There is several possible solutions to fix Winword error, try one by one and they may fix the problem for you.


 Method 1, delete all files from computer. files have been proved to cause problem of winword error. They are files that store the information of word templates. To delete the .dot files, just open your windows explorer(double click my computer icon on desktop), and in search box type *.dot, and press enter. After the search finishes, delete all files. NOTE: delete all these files will result in loss of the existed word settings.


Method 2, delete winfax template files.

If you have installed winfax in your computer and you are now facing the winword error, it is possible that winfax template is the cause. To delete the winfax template, you have to open your windows explorer(double click my computer icon on desktop), and in search box type, and press enter. After the search finishes, delete the exact file.


Method 3, Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Word.

Although this method looks troublesome and the last thing one will choose, but it is always a good way to solve any error. By uninstallation and reinstallation, you can wipe out the corrupted files that causes the error, and replace them with correct ones. Hense, problem is solved. To uninstall MS word, just go to control panel, add and remove programmes, find Microsoft Word and click uninstall button. After that, use the office CD to reinstall it.


Method 4, use a winword fixing tool to fix the problem.

This is the easiest and quickest way to fix the winword error. Using this fixing tool will help you delete and replace the corrupted and harmful files in the system. You will find Word programme function well in a minute.