Resolve Msvbvm60.dll Errors


Msvbvm60.dll is one of the most important visual basic file in windows system. It is related to many programmes and will definitely have negative impact to these programmes if it is missing or corrupted.

This DLL file is included in the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack and is installed on your computer along with the Visual Studio pack.


If this dll is having problem, you may see error message as below:

“File msvbvm60.dll not found.”
“Unable to install the application. An important component – msvbvm60.dll is missing.”
“File msvbvm60.dll is missing.”


From the error message, we can see that the most common problem of this dll is missing problem. The reason that the system is reporting this error is that the dll is lacked to support specific functions in programmes, then the error is generated.


And you will have to know why this happens.

Normally when the computer is infected with virus or malware, you will use the antivirus to scan and remove the virus. Sometimes, some antivirus software will also remove the file that is infected without replacing a new file with it. The result is that, things are getting worse.



1. Run system file check to restore the dlls.

  • press Win+R button on your keyboard
  • type cmd press enter
  • type SFC /SCANNOW in the command window
  • Press ENTER.

After you run the system file check, you may get a message from the system that the system files are sucessfully fixed. But you may also be informed that some system files are not fixed. In that case, go on to next solution.


2. Download and reinstall the visual basic 6.0.

  •  Visit Microsoft Download Center
  • Search for visual basic 6.0 package
  • Click download and save it to your desktop
  • Double click it to run the setup after download finishes


3. Download a dll fixing tool

Virus and malware can corrupt the registry and cause numerous problems in your computer, including the dll errors. It is urgent to have a registry cleaner to detect and clean these registry issues for you. Any delay will lead to unimaginable more serious issues. Remember, 90% of the computer problems are caused by registry issues. So it is always recommended that you install a registry cleaner to consistantly protect your system.