Solution to “MessagingApp.exe has stopped working” Error


MessagingApp.exe is an important file within instant communication tools, such as windows messanger and Yahoo messanger. If this file has stopped working, you will not be able to run the programmes.


Cause of the error:

The most possible cause of this error is virus attack which has corrupted system files and causes the messagingApp.exe to stop running. You will find the error suddenly occurs in the system, which gives no sign before.


To fix this error, there are several ways:

First, scan system with an antivirus software

As this error is very possibly caused by virus attacks, it is necessary to remove the virus from the system. Most computer users shall already have an antivirus to protect the system, but in case if you don’t have one, you can download and install Microsoft security essential to scan and remove the virus.


Second, run a system files check to fix the corrupted files.

  • Open start button
  • Click run button or click the search box
  • type cmd and press enter
  • type SFC /SCANNOW in the command window
  • Press ENTER.


Third, check if the computer date and time is correct

Virus can change computer date and time setting, causing malfunction of some programmes which rely on correct date and time to communicate with internet. If the computer date is set back to several years ago, the programme will not be able to recognize data and may also be recoginized as danger by internet server. Thus it is necessary to put the computer date and time correctly.


Fourth, scan and fix registry errors

The most terrible case is that the virus has corrupted the registry and disabled some programmes from running. System optimizer can detect and clean these registry issues for you. Any delay will lead to unimaginable more serious issues. Remember, 90% of the computer problems are caused by registry issues. So it is always recommended that you install a system optimizer to consistantly protect your system.