Common Registry Errors & Solution


The computer system depends on registry to guide the devices and programmes how to work. If registry is corrupted or partially missing, some devices and programmes may not work correctly. There are several common symptoms of registry error:


  • 1. Cannot do windows update
  • 2. Some programmes teminate unexpectedly or just fail to open
  • 3. Popup windows indicate that windows is missing some entrys or dlls
  • 4. computer lost sound or the display is not correct, etc.


Errors such as windows update and sound problem may not definitely relate to registry; they can be caused by service problem or driver problem as well, but there is also great possiblity that registry error is the origin.


How does registry error occur?


Most of the time, registry is stable in computer system. Without external attack or manual edit, it shall not have any problem at all. But some virus and malware, in order to steal information or destroy some programmes in your computer to achieve some benefits, may alter your registry, causing program malfunction and corruption. Sometimes, manual edit of registry also results in troubles. Many registry entries are too similar to tell apart. Thus, it is always suggested that users do not edit registry manually unless they know enough about computers.


So, what is the best solution for these registry problems?


When you have registry errors, it is suggested that you download and install a registry fixer to help you fix the errors. Manual edit of registry can be risky and if not well performed, may cause great trouble to computer system, while a registry fixer, designed by professional technicians, is comparatively much safer and easier. With several clicks, all registry errors will be eliminated and the system is back to normal. It is simple for computer beginner as well.