What Is Chkdsk Command & When to Use it?


Computer users may sometimes get a notice from Windows to run Chkdsk command to fix problem. Here comes several questions:

  • What is Chkdsk command?
  • What problem does it fix?
  • When to use Chkdsk command?

What is Chkdsk command?

Chkdsk is a command in Windows to bring up the process of examining disk space and disk use for the file allocation table (FAT) and NTFS file systems. Chkdsk provides information specific to each file system in a status report. The status report shows errors found in the file system. If you run chkdsk without the /f command-line option on an active partition, it might report spurious errors because it cannot lock the drive. You should use chkdsk occasionally on each disk to check for errors.


What problem does it fix?

Chkdsk find errors in your disk by checking the disk use and space. After that, it fixes the disk errors automatically. The errors including partition errors in hard drive, system not being able to recognize disk, empty disk suddenly being fully occupied, etc.


When to use Chkdsk command?

Normally, Windows will remind you to run chkdsk command when any disk error is causing problems.  Some programmes also has remind function when the software is detecting disk error thaat prevents it from installing or running.


Apart from these notices, users can also run Chkdsk to check disk regularly to avoid errors. Checking disk can help reduce the space that is occupied, and defrag the disk. Running disk checking regularly can keep the hard drive healthy and clean, and fix errors promptly.


There is only one disadvantage of Chkdsk command. It has to be run in a dos window. For beginners, this is relatively difficult because they don’t even know how to bring up the command window. I will suggest junior users check their disk and system with a system optimizer. It has all function of error cleaning as well as disk fixing and defragging. More over, it is so easy to use. For the best system optimizer, you can view this page for more information.