Fix application load error 5:0000065434

When you encounter application load error, you should first figure out what is the procedure prompts. Maybe there is something wrong with the procedure. If the tips appear when you boot your computer, you can remove the boot of the procedure. If you cannot check out the problem or the prompted problem is not a procedure, you can recall what procedure, plug, patch or driver you have downloaded or before this fault appear. If you have recalled this matter, you can have a try to uninstall all the procedures. (If the tips pop up when you open a game, maybe there is something wrong with the game. Perhaps this game is not compatible with your computer or graphics driver is not proper and so on).

If you cannot find the source of the problem, you can first examine and kill the Trojans or restore your system.

You can download software to help you solve the problem of Trojan.

  1. Please restore system using its own system until the fault doesn’t appear. (You also can use software to restore system. If you cannot access system, you can press F8 to go into safe mode and restore system.)

Tips: “Start”—“Program”—“Accessory”—“System Tools”—“System restore”, and click “Restore my computer to an earlier time”, click “Next”, you will see a dark date on the date page (This is the restore point), after you choose the restore point, click “restore”.

  1. If the problem exists, you can use a system repair disc.

Open the command prompts, and input SFC/SCANNOW then press Enter (Tips: Please leave blank between SFC and SCANNOW). Insert the original system disc to repair system, and the system will automatically compare and repair it.

  1. If the problem still persists, set up the CD-ROM to the first boot device in BIOS, insert original system repair disc and press “R” to choose “repair installation”.
  2. If these methods above don’t work, the last way is: reinstall the operating system.

After these steps, perhaps this problem can be solved, and the computer can be used normally.