How to Fix a System32.dll Error

System32.dll looks very familar to us because in Windows system, we have a folder called system32 which contains the most important dlls that determines the proper running of our system. System32.dll, named the same as this folder, of course has played a vital role in a healthy system.


System32.dll error, same as other dll errors, are mostly caused by a corrupted registry, or virus attacks. The very dll may be taken away or moved to other location from the system which result in system unable to find the file in the usual path. Thus, there started the pop up errors showing that the application is unable to run because system32.dll is missind or cannot be found. The worst result is, you cannot even boot up the system if the dll is related to the basic windows operation.


What to do?

For many dll errors, the solution is quite simple. Since the dll is missing, what we need to do is just looking for the dll in the system or downloading it from internet and putting it back in the system. Done! The error will disappear.


However, things don’t always go as you expected. The system32.dll is related to the windows basic operation. Missing system32.dll may be a dangerous signal. Following this error, there are more problems coming. For example, more dlls are missing, or, computer cannot boot up.


Experts recommend downloading a dll repair tool to fix this error for you. Due to the complexity of system32.dll, you are not suggested to fix it manually by yourself. For more information about how to fix system32.dll, view here.