How to Fix Dll Errors in Microsoft Products

Dll errors can occur on every program in the windows system including the windows equiped software and the later installed applications because dlls are important system files that control and decide how everything on the system works with each other. The most common dll errors occur on Microsoft products which are so frequently used by many computer users.


These errors including:

  • Specific dynamic link library file  is not found in the location, and the consequence is not being able to open the Microsoft programs.
  • Certain dynamic link library file is corrupted or not register, and the result is not being able to use some functions in the program.


No matter what the symptoms are and what the consequence, dll errors are things you should not just neglect without putting an end to them. They can cause serious harm to the system if they continue to remain in the computer.


To fix dll errors, it is a procedure of replacing and activating. Taking out the corrupted dll and replacing with a correct one; making up the missing file and activating it.

If the error only occurs when you try to use microsoft application, congratulations, it is a minor issue. You can simply search online and find the dll, download and replace it in the system. After that, run the regsvr32 tool that is equiped in system to fix the issue. Or simply reinstall the microsoft products to end the issue.

 If the error appears right after you boot your computer and the error message states information about Microsoft programs, then it is a system error. You cannot just cure it by just the same procedure. Because system error is more dangerous; you may cause more problems during the repair. Besides that, such system dll errors may restrict you from using repair functions.

If the error is due to windows system errors, the case is more complicated. Because you will not know what part of the system is having the error and how to fix it. In such situation, it is better to consult computer professionals or get an advanced system fixer to help you. You can fix the microsoft dll errors by refering to the tutorial and tools on the link in this page.