How to Deal With Steam.dll

We can never doubt the importance of Dll. Dll is the abbreviation of Dynamic Link Libraries which is used by Windows applications to run and perform optimally. It is the collection of modules which contains data and functions. Without Dll, we could not run the computer program. But what is Steam.dll? Have you ever met Steam.dll? Have you ever seen this prompt “unable to load library steam dll…”?


Steam is a virtual console for high level games and Steam.dll is a file which helps the “Steam” digital management program to operate. If you meet a message “unable to load library steam dll…” which means your steam.dll probably has been corrupted. This may occur in your installation of games. But what should we do?

  • 1.Make sure of the same language in your installation path. If your installation CD’s language is English, please make sure your OS’s language is the same as your game’s. If the installation path’s language is different, you will get the message “unable to load library steam dll…”
  • 2.Download the Steam.dll and install it to your computer. And you can run your game well. You can update it from the Steam server. Before updating, check out the status of the Steam server. If the server itself states that there is an error, you just wait until the server runs normally again. If not, you need to download the Steam.dll and install it manually.
  • 3.Actually the best way to deal with the Steam.dll is to install the Smartpcfixer.

Smartpcfixer is a registry cleaner program which can clean the registry and repair missing DLL files automatically. You can download below:

After installing Smartpcfixer, download the dll:

save to :


Then use Smartpcfixer to register the dll:

How to re-register dll by Smartpcfixer:

Run Smartpcfixer, click ‘system fix’ -> activex register

Then click ‘re-register’ button.