How to Fix 1152 Error Extracting



When you try to install a simulation software, an error 1152: error extracting C:|Users\cmi\AppDAta\Local\Temp\{6B78921110.5.msi to be the temporary location” is shown up. You tried to use Windows Tools ‘disk cleanup’ to fix the problem, but same error massage still keeps showing up. At that time you are confused with this error. It is so annoying.



The following is the solutions to fix 1152: error extracting:



Method 1:


Try deleting all the temp files in the temp folder.

Follow the steps to clear the temp folder:

a.      Click on the Start button and in the Search bar type in %temp% and hit ENTER.

b.      When the Temp folder opens up, press Ctrl + A and then press Delete.


Note: I would suggest you to backup important file or folder in Temp folder.


Method 2:


Set the computer to clean boot to disable all the third party software.


Method 3:


Check the permission of the destination folder where you are trying to install.

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How to Fix 1152 Error Extracting?



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