How to Fix Error 1721 in Windows 7

Many windows computers may experience the Runtime error 1721 problem when running certain applications. This error is very important to fix quickly because if left unresolved then it can cause permanent damage to your OS which will be more difficult to fix. There are some different steps that you can take to fix the Error 1721 problem. The first thing that you will need to do is to download the latest updates by running Windows update. Windows update can make it possible to make your computer much more reliable and easier to use.

Microsoft also produced a solution for error 1721 fix which can be installed on your computer. This can be downloaded from the internet and will fix the problem very quickly.



Sometimes the problem might not be caused by runtime errors. Actually it could be spyware or viruses on your computer which are causing the problem. Viruses or spyware may sometimes pretend to be causing this error to annoy you and get your attention. Use a virus scanner and spyware scanner to ensure that your computer is clear from infections.


Time to reinstall it


A last resort to solving the problem is to format your computer and reinstall windows from scratch. This is a little annoying, but is quite easy to do. Just make sure you have access to your installation CD/DVD and license code. You will also need the driver disks which are necessary to install your hardware.


Time to do Some Registry Cleaning


Error 1721 can also be caused by invalid registry keys that should be fixed. Run a registry scan on your computer with a registry cleaner. It might find errors that are related to the error 1721. You can run Smartpcfixer to fix it automatically. Smartpcfixer is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system settings. You can scan, clean, optimize, and keep your PC much healthier with it!

You can download Smartpcfixer here.

Just run Smartpcfixer, click ‘quick scan’

After the scan is completed, click ‘repair all’ button.