How to Fix Error Code 8 without any Risk

It could be annoying to receive error messages like these from time to time when you are using your computer, trying to access files, installing programs, or update certain software. These error messages are actually warning you of corrupt registry or faulty hardware or programs.

Error code 8 is in fact a message that tells you there is some malfunctioned hard ware device in your computer. It would occur when certain hard ware device in your PC is missing, or when the driver of a particular hard ware is not installed properly. Error messages like this also indicate insufficient memory on your hard drive. You should know that your system needs enough free space on your hard drive to ensure the efficiency of your computer.


Solutions for error 8


It is not likely that you have modified the registry of your computer that makes you get error code 8. Not being a computer expert, the solutions to this problem presented here are also very simple. You could understand it easily and fix the error manually in just a few minutes.


1.    Click on the Start menu, go to the Control Panel and double click on Network

2.    Select Add > Protocol > Add

3.    Click on the Manufactures box > Microsoft > NetBEUI > click OK

4.    Double click on the “Network Adapter” and select the Bindings tab

5.    Modify the settings of the “NetBEUI protocol” and set it to “not bound to adapter”


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After the scan is completed, click ‘repair all’ button.