How to Fix Desktop Icons/Start Menu/Task Bar All Gone


You should check something first:


Are you able to reboot and press F8 to get in safe mode?
And is everything showing correctly in safe mode.


When you Right-Mouse click on the desktop, do you get a menu?
If so, in the menu is “Arrange Icons” and option?


If so, when you select Arrange Icons”, is “Show Icons” checked?
If not, check it.


When you move your mouse to the very bottom of the screen does the task bar appear?
If not, does it appear when your move the mouse to one of the edges or top?

The Start button is a part of the Taskbar which is a part of explorer.exe.
Now click Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open the Task Manager and see if explorer.exe
is running. If it isn’t, then it may have been disabled by malware.


Run a spyware/virus scan and then try creating a new user account, since
your old one may be corrupted.


If your Start button and Taskbar are missing, there are no desktop
icons, only your wallpaper is showing, your mouse cursor moves and you
can CTRL+ALT+DEL to invoke Task Manager, check the Processes tab to
see if explorer.exe is running.

If explorer.exe is not running, it needs to be. explorer.exe “is”
your desktop. Malware can keep it from starting/running.


In Task Manger, click File, New Task and in the Open box, type:
Click OK.


That should get you going. If not, I recommend you another method to fix this problem.


You can fix this annoying problem via professional register software such as Smartpcfixer and Wisefixer.



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