How to Clean Computer Registry without Trial Software


I think many people have ever used trial software. They can download and use the program for a certain period of time or for limited functions. The software may include full or limited features. After a period of time you may be asked to pay for the program, or you cannot use it any more. And sometimes, they let you scan your computer for registry problems, but ask you to pay when you want to fix the problem with their software. This is a kind of marketing method. If you don’t want to buy the software, what could you do to fix the registry problems?

Below instructions may help you:

  • 1. First, uninstall the trial software before removing its registry entries. To do so, click the “Start” button on the left bottom of your desktop.
  • 2. In the Search Box type in “Add or Remove Prograns.”Double-click “Add or Remove Programs” or “Uninstall a Program”. Press Enter.
  • 3. In the pop up window, find the trial software you want to uninstall. Click “Remove/Uninstall” and uninstall the trial software.
  • 4. After uninstalling the trial software, run the Registry Cleaner software to remove the entries from the registry. Download and install free registry software such as Smartpcfixer if you do not have a registry cleaner program on your computer.


Smartpcfixer is registry cleaning software, which will help you fix your computer registry problems automatically. It is very easy to download and operate. If you have other computer problems, it also can find and fix for you.


  • 5. Launch the Smartpcfixer program after it has installed and click the “Registry” button on the left panel. Then click “Scan for issues.” Smartpcfixer will scan the registry for entries left over by the uninstalled trial software.
  • 6. Click “Fix All” button when the scan is complete, then click “Yes” to back up the registry. Click “Fix All” when the backup is complete, and then click “OK” to clean the registry and remove the entries.
  • 7. Close the program and reboot your computer to complete the cleaning process.


This is the most efficient way to fix your registry problems. If you are interested in Smartpcfixer, get it here: