How to Fix Low Virtual Memory


Llack of virtual memory can make computers to lose power or freeze completely, what possible data loss or corruption of the system. Since the available amount of random access memory consumed, the system uses virtual memory to compensate. This effectively makes it possible to work on applications and resources more efficiently and prevents a possible decline in total income. When your computer’s virtual memory-related warnings, you can take the situation by adjusting the total amount reserved fix the system.


What is virtual memory?


Virtual memory, also known as page file or swap file, is a file on your hard disk that Windows uses in addition to physical memory (RAM) whenever the need arises.The Virtual Memory refers to the computer’s RAM. When I open up applications they use up A Certain portions of the available RAM, but opening too many applications causes the amount of RAM to run out of room. The best solution to this problem is to add more RAM to the system


If you got a problem called virtual memory, please follow below steps to fix the problem manually:

  • 1. Click the Start button, right-click “Computer” and select “Properties“.
  • 2. Click on “Advanced System Settings” from the left pane. Enter administrative credentials or confirmation if the system requires it.
  • 3. Click on “Settings” in the Performance and click on “Advanced”, followed by “Change” under the Virtual Memory section.
  • 4. Go check the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”.
  • 5. As a result, the system apples are the necessary amount of virtual space to each unit. Otherwise, clear this check box and select the drive on which you want to add more memory.
  • 6. Click “Custom size” radio button and enter the desired amount of memory (in megabytes) in the first and the maximum size fields. Click “Set” to use the Click the “OK” button to exit the menu.



If you failed to fix the problem by above steps, please follow below instruction.
  • Download registry cleaner.
  • Install it to your computer and do a scanning.
  • Then fix the problem by one click of your mouse.







How to Repair HTTP 403 Forbidden Error


The HTTP 403 Forbidden error is a commong IT error caused by limited access to a web domain or directory. To remove or correct the error added requires permissions on the Windows host machine with Internet Information Services (IIS) console. Once permissions are set, the browser will access the domain and read files, back to normal. Administrators can access a web domain directory, by limiting the anonymous user or a password to view the contents of the site.


The symptom of the error: You are unable to access normal web pages and are greeted with the error message Error 403 ? Access Forbidden / Access Denied.


In this list you will find detailed information about each error, including: date and time of the error some information about the client, the error message, description of the error, and information about which folder or file generated on your account the error. In the error log is a list of the most recent error messages that are generated by your website.


To fix the problem, following steps will function:


First, download a registry cleaner which as an IE section to fix IE problems specially.

Registry cleaner is famoust among computer users. Different people will choose different registry cleaners to fix their system problems. But some registry cleaner is really good, and works great.


Second, conduct a cleaning with registry cleaner and scan for the problems.

Note: when you do a scanning, remember to choose the section that you have a problem with in case of causing any further problem.


Third, fix the problem by one click with your mouse.



















How to Fix Computer Freezing Problems


Computer freezing is a common problem for computer users. Almost all people who use computers will encounter a freezing problem. Sometimes, the problem occurs when we boot computer, and sometimes when we open a program on PC. Many people think that this problem must be caused by the long time use of our PC without cleaning. Actually this is only one of the reasons. Computer pick the worst times having problems. If a project, freeze the computer or go haywire. There are several things that can cause computer freezes. Computer freeze because of viruses, program conflicts and lack of space.


The computer freezing problems can be caused by a few reasons below:

  • 1. Computer is infected with virus or dust, and needs to be cleaned.
  • 2. The problem can be also caused by hardware equipment.
  • 3. Software related issues also is a reason for this problem.
  • 4. Other reasons that can cause this kind of problem.


One of the biggest enemies of the computer is the dust. Dust can be a real problem, and it can cause computer freeze status simply by blocking the air needed to run your computer cool. Computer seems to work better on a cold environment compared to a hot one.


Hardware devices should be installed only by qualified persons and it shouldn `t be bought under any circumstances, if they do not support your operating system.


You install a new program, and since your computer keeps freezing, would be a solution. The program that you lead to instability of the system and see if your computer is working well uninstall suspect. Your system is quite old and you have installed and uninstalled over the time a lot of programs that now generates conflicts and blocks your computer.


Actually, the best way to fix the problem is to clean your system with a registry cleaner. Why registry cleaner? Because registry cleaner is designed for cleaning OS for computer users. Na matter what reasons that cause this freezing problem, registry cleaner can always do a good job.












How to Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error


Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error is always come across by computer users. And the error message is like this:” Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error“. This message is very easy to recognize. But most people don’t know how to fix the problem. This behavior occurs if a program conflicts with the Mosdmn.exe and Mosearch.exe files.  If you are experiencing this issue, you can fix the problem with the methods that  Microsoft has released.


Mostly, this kinds of error can be caused by two factors:

1.Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries are missing.

2.Software problem.


To fix the problem, please follow below steps:


First: follow the steps by yourself to fix the problem. But you need to know something about computer operation, or the problem is difficult to fix.


  • 1. Click Windows “Start” menu and then select the “Run” utility.
  • 2. Type “msconfig.exe” in the search box and then select “OK.” The System Configuration dialog box opens.
  • 3. Select the “General” tab, if not already selected and then choose “Selective startup.”
  • 4. Click on the “Startup” tab, deselect all the check boxes except for “MoSearch,” select “Apply” and then click “OK.”
  • 5. Restart your PC when prompted to do so.


Second, use a registry cleaner to fix the problem. You may have heard about registry cleaner, but never used it before. Registry cleaner is a program that helps you clean compuer registries and fix computer problems in a more easy way that you do it by yourself. Just a few clicks will fix the problem.
SmartPCFixer is a registry cleaning software that has helped so many computer users to speed up their computer performance and responding speed. To Fix Microsoft C++ error with SmartPCFixer, please follow below steps:
  • 1. Download SmartPCFixer, and then do a scanning of your computer.
  • 2. After scanning, your problems will be displayed in the main windows ofSmartPCFixer.
  • 3. Then click “Repair All” button to fix the problem.






How to Repair Stop 0x0000007B Error Message


Many computer users have ever encountered a computer problem called “0x0000007B“. Actually it is a blue screen error given by PCs. One of the most feared experiences when using a PC running Windows is the infamous “blue screen of death.” The complete error message is “Stop 0x0000007b Inaccessible Boot Device“. If you are unfamiliar with computer hardware or Windows operating components, it is difficult to fix the problem by yourself.


In this situation, a registry cleaner will do a good job. People will ask what registry cleaner is? What will it do for you? Registry cleaner is a tool that helps computer users to resolve different kinds of problems automatically. You don’t need to worry about any further problems will be caused by it. It is very safe to use it.



You can follow below steps to fix the problem by registry cleaner:

  • Download and install Registry Cleaner to your PC.
  • Run a scanning and fix the problem by one click.





If you are a compter professor, you can fix the problem manually by yourself:


  • 1. Reboot your computer into safe mode. When booting, press F8 to enter in safe mode.
  • 2. Remove all the floppy disks or USB drives off your computer.
  • 3. Start your preferred antivirus software and run a full system scan on all hard disks on your computer. If you do not have antivirus software, acquire it and install it.
  • 4. Delete all virus files found and restart the computer, entering back into safe mode. Repeat the scan until the antivirus no longer finds viruses on your computer.





How to Get Rid of I/O Device Error Message


I/O error message is always given by a storage device that is connected to your computer. If you get this error message with  your computer, this may be confusing. And you don’t know how to fix the problem. If this error message appears when you attempt to access the files on an input/output device, such as an external hard drive. The reasons can be included as the following ones:


  • the file system on the drive could be damaged.
  • the drive could be infected with a viru.
  • the data connector inside the device enclosure could have come loose.
  • the problem is caused by registry errors.


From the reasons we know, this problem is not difficult to fix if you locate them one by one.
First, if your file system on the drive is damaged, you can format the drive to fix the problem. But you may encounter one problem this time-file loss. The files will disappear from your hard drive after formatting.
Second, If your drive is infected with virus, you can clean your drive with an anti-virus software. Connect the external hard drive to the computer. Run an antivirus program. Click the “Scan” tab or button, then click “Custom.” Uncheck all items in the list except for the drive letter assigned to the external drive.
Third, if the connection is loose or not correct, you can reconnect to have a try. This may fix the problem very easily.
Fourth, the registry problem is a bit difficult to fix if it is the reason. You need to use a registry cleaner, because the problem is difficult to fix by yourself. Registry cleaner is a common tool to clean your system and fix computer or hard disk problems. If you want to ask me which registry cleaner is best, I will recommend SmartPCFixer. SmartPCFixer is famous among computer users. Every day, many people will search goole for SmartPCFixer and download to their computers.
  • 1. Download SmartPCFixer here: SmartPCFixer
  • 2. Install it and do a scanning of your PC.
  • 3. Then fix the problem after scanning.


How to Fix a Computer Stack Overflow Error


From the word “Stack Overflow“, we may guess that the problem is caused by not “enough space” of your computer memory. When computer memory is overflow, your PC cannot perform usual tasks normally, and will give this error message. But what can cause this error and problem?


Actually, a few reasons can be summarized:


  • 1. Much of the time, “stack overflow” errors can be caused by the uncomplete uninstallation of the programs on your computer. When you did the uninstallation, some ramnants are still on your computer and will take a large space of your memory.
  • 2. Another reason that causes this problem is the obsolete programs on your PC. Some programs are not useful on your computer, but you never think about uninstalling them to save some space for your PC memory. Then for a long time, your PC is stacked with much rubbish programs. This will also cause the waste of space.
  • 3. The “stack overflow” error also can be caused by virus on your computer. When your PC is infected with virus, it will give you a wrong message and tell you that your computer memory is limited. Actually, there is still enough space.


Since we know the reasons of the “stack overlow” problem, it is our time to fix the problem now.  The solution is to delete the items from the computer’s registry. Doing this can free up memory as well as increase the machine’s performance. So what we need now is a registry cleaner. Registry Cleaner is commonly used by so many computer users. Because it is a great helper to clean your computer regitries.



  • a. Download and install a Registry Cleaner software program.
  • b. Perform a registry scan. After thoroughly reading the directions and looking through the functions, follow the provided scan instructions.
  • c. Delete all invalid registry keys. Using the program’s Repair All function.
  • d. Check for stack overflow errors. After the computer’s running again, browse the Internet to see if any more errors occur.











How to Fix an IE Error on Webpage


Internet Explorer is common tool to browse useful news for information. When using Internet Explorer to browse the Internet, there may be times when a “Error on Page” message will occur.There are many reasons why “Error on page” will occur.  Experiencing error messages when using IE is common.  For example, you may experience the “Error on page” message when Internet Explorer is unable to read something that is on the web page that you are trying to gain access to. “Error on Page” can also occur if Internet Explorer needs to be updated.


Fix IE problems, the best way is to use a registry cleaning tool. What is a registry cleaner? Registry cleaners are not supported by Microsoft, but vendors of Registry cleaners claim that they are useful to repair inconsistencies arising from manual changes to applications, especially COM-based programs. However a virtual machine or virtual application is a faster and more reliable means of reverting an operating system to a previous good known state in a testing or application sequencing scenario.

The necessity and usefulness of registry cleaners is a controversial topic, with experts in disagreement over their benefits. The problem is further clouded by the fact that malware and scareware are often associated with utilities of this type. SmartPCFixer is one of the best registry cleaners. Thousands of users have given a high remark about SmartPCFixer.

Why SmartPCFixer can fix IE errors? 

SmartPCFixer has a special  module for IE fixing. Because IE problems are always encountered by computer users, and there are many kinds of IE errors. So SmartPCFixer involves all the errors and has a mechanism to fix the problems. SmartPCFixer can do best in IE fixing.

Download SmartpCFixer here: SmartPCFixer






How to Fix Microsoft Windows Error 1607


Get a Microsoft error code 1607? And don’t know how to fix it? Error 1607 occurs when you try to install a software application on a computer that runs on Microsoft Windows operating system.  You can fix this error for free by changing “Full Control” permission levels. You get the following error message: “1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.”


Note: You will need to have administrator rights and privileges on your computer to fix this problem.


Error code 1607 is often caused by missing or corrupt registry keys. To prevent further damange to your system, it is recommended that you immediately repair Windows installer error 1607. Potential risks include: blue screens, pc freezes, and permanent damage to your PC.
Reasons that cause Windows installer error 1607 includ:
  • Windows programs not loading or working properly.
  • Inablity to install new program.
  • Windows startup problems, slow PC performance.
  • Freezes, and crashes.


To fix windows installer error, there are two methods you can try. The first one is to fix the problem manually by yourself. But you need to know something about computer operation. The other way is to use a registry cleaner software, which can help you clean your windows and fix the problem. Either way is OK to fix the error message. Choose the one you like.


First: Use SmartPCFixer to clean your system and fix the problem.


SmartPCFixer will help identify and fix Windows’ invalid registry entries. By running Scan & Cleaner as part of scheduled maintenance, it will keep your PC from freezing or frequent crashes . Using it will reduce the probability of you getting a windows installer problems.
Download SmartPCFixer here: SmartPCFixer
Second: Fix the problem by following steps:
Login to your computer as an administrator.
Click the “Start” button and select “All Programs.” Point to “Accessories” and select “Windows Explorer.”
  • 1. Click the “Tools” menu and select “Folder Options.”
  • 2. Click the tab labeled “View.”
  • 3. Click “Show Hidden Files and Folders.” Click “OK.
  • 4. Navigate to the following path: “C:\Windows.” Locate the folder titled “Installer.
  • 5. Right-click “Installer” and choose “Properties” from the context menu.
  • 6. Click the tab labeled “Security.” Then click “System.”
  • 7. Place a check mark next to “Full Control.” And choose “Administrators.”
  • 8. Place a check mark next to “Full control.” And click your username.
  • 9. Place a check mark next to “Full Control. Click “OK” to end task.

How to Remove Registry Errors From Your PC


The computer registry is really a vital component of your windows operating system. The registry contains important information about the programs files on your computer. It is possible for errors to build up in your registry over time. Because the registry is very complicated and somewhat delicate, it is generally impractical for the average user to attempt to fix the registry on his or her own. Fortunately, there are programs one can download that can conduct registry fixes.


SmartPCFixer is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system settings. You can scan, clean, optimize, and keep your PC much healthier with it. SmartPCFixer will help identify and fix Windows’ invalid registry entries. By running Scan & Cleaner as part of scheduled maintenance, it will keep your PC from freezing or frequent crashes . Using it will reduce the probability of you getting a “blue screen”, program not responding or lock up.



To fix the problem yourself, you can follow some steps:


  • Click “Start” and then “Control Panel.” Press “Performance and Maintenance.” and select “System Restore.”
  • Choose “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and then press “Next.”
  • Choose a restore point from the available list. The dates of the restore points are in bold.
  • The default selection is the date of the last “System Checkpoint” or manual restore point.Press “Next.” When the confirmation screen appears, press “Next” again.
  • Press “OK” to confirm the restoration after the computer restarts and you have logged on.


But this is a little complicated. You need to follow carefully. If you don’t know much about computer, I recommend you use the registry cleaner.