How to Fix a Computer Stack Overflow Error


From the word “Stack Overflow“, we may guess that the problem is caused by not “enough space” of your computer memory. When computer memory is overflow, your PC cannot perform usual tasks normally, and will give this error message. But what can cause this error and problem?


Actually, a few reasons can be summarized:


  • 1. Much of the time, “stack overflow” errors can be caused by the uncomplete uninstallation of the programs on your computer. When you did the uninstallation, some ramnants are still on your computer and will take a large space of your memory.
  • 2. Another reason that causes this problem is the obsolete programs on your PC. Some programs are not useful on your computer, but you never think about uninstalling them to save some space for your PC memory. Then for a long time, your PC is stacked with much rubbish programs. This will also cause the waste of space.
  • 3. The “stack overflow” error also can be caused by virus on your computer. When your PC is infected with virus, it will give you a wrong message and tell you that your computer memory is limited. Actually, there is still enough space.


Since we know the reasons of the “stack overlow” problem, it is our time to fix the problem now.  The solution is to delete the items from the computer’s registry. Doing this can free up memory as well as increase the machine’s performance. So what we need now is a registry cleaner. Registry Cleaner is commonly used by so many computer users. Because it is a great helper to clean your computer regitries.



  • a. Download and install a Registry Cleaner software program.
  • b. Perform a registry scan. After thoroughly reading the directions and looking through the functions, follow the provided scan instructions.
  • c. Delete all invalid registry keys. Using the program’s Repair All function.
  • d. Check for stack overflow errors. After the computer’s running again, browse the Internet to see if any more errors occur.