How to Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error


Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error is always come across by computer users. And the error message is like this:” Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error“. This message is very easy to recognize. But most people don’t know how to fix the problem. This behavior occurs if a program conflicts with the Mosdmn.exe and Mosearch.exe files.  If you are experiencing this issue, you can fix the problem with the methods that  Microsoft has released.


Mostly, this kinds of error can be caused by two factors:

1.Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries are missing.

2.Software problem.


To fix the problem, please follow below steps:


First: follow the steps by yourself to fix the problem. But you need to know something about computer operation, or the problem is difficult to fix.


  • 1. Click Windows “Start” menu and then select the “Run” utility.
  • 2. Type “msconfig.exe” in the search box and then select “OK.” The System Configuration dialog box opens.
  • 3. Select the “General” tab, if not already selected and then choose “Selective startup.”
  • 4. Click on the “Startup” tab, deselect all the check boxes except for “MoSearch,” select “Apply” and then click “OK.”
  • 5. Restart your PC when prompted to do so.


Second, use a registry cleaner to fix the problem. You may have heard about registry cleaner, but never used it before. Registry cleaner is a program that helps you clean compuer registries and fix computer problems in a more easy way that you do it by yourself. Just a few clicks will fix the problem.
SmartPCFixer is a registry cleaning software that has helped so many computer users to speed up their computer performance and responding speed. To Fix Microsoft C++ error with SmartPCFixer, please follow below steps:
  • 1. Download SmartPCFixer, and then do a scanning of your computer.
  • 2. After scanning, your problems will be displayed in the main windows ofSmartPCFixer.
  • 3. Then click “Repair All” button to fix the problem.