How to Repair HTTP 403 Forbidden Error


The HTTP 403 Forbidden error is a commong IT error caused by limited access to a web domain or directory. To remove or correct the error added requires permissions on the Windows host machine with Internet Information Services (IIS) console. Once permissions are set, the browser will access the domain and read files, back to normal. Administrators can access a web domain directory, by limiting the anonymous user or a password to view the contents of the site.


The symptom of the error: You are unable to access normal web pages and are greeted with the error message Error 403 ? Access Forbidden / Access Denied.


In this list you will find detailed information about each error, including: date and time of the error some information about the client, the error message, description of the error, and information about which folder or file generated on your account the error. In the error log is a list of the most recent error messages that are generated by your website.


To fix the problem, following steps will function:


First, download a registry cleaner which as an IE section to fix IE problems specially.

Registry cleaner is famoust among computer users. Different people will choose different registry cleaners to fix their system problems. But some registry cleaner is really good, and works great.


Second, conduct a cleaning with registry cleaner and scan for the problems.

Note: when you do a scanning, remember to choose the section that you have a problem with in case of causing any further problem.


Third, fix the problem by one click with your mouse.